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Who We Are

Affordable study programmes with exclusive online modules fast tracking learners to a University qualification.

We make lives better by producing leaders of society and equipping our people with leadership qualities so they can serve our communities at every level. Whether you are looking to enhance your skills, improve your team or pursue a professional education, the British School’s learning pathways can provide you with all you need. High-levels of education means high-levels of employability. And it’s mainly because BBMI makes world-class education accessible and affordable. We’re tightly connected with our communities, at home and around the globe – a connection that enriches our learning, teaching and research. The British School delivers online university pathway programmes with Skilled NanoDegree award to learners from all corners of the world.

Our web based modules allow students to learn what they want, when they want and how they want and have been designed to facilitate a much faster, more affordable and engaging way to learn. With a 24/7 student networking platform, personal dashboards, 1-2-1 online tutorials, group webinars and bank of pre-recorded group webcasts, the British School provides students with all the support that they need to succeed in developing their professional skill base and achieve a university qualification.

It is our focus on quality at every stage – and the outstanding success of our students – that has made us one of the fastest growing independent education providers in the world. Ensuring our students’ happiness both personally and academically through regular Personal Tutor sessions with an extensive support network is key. We offer a wide range of options across our portfolio of global centres, each with its own unique features and qualities, enabling us to meet our students’ demands as required. We teach our students to work hard and smart with Higher Education advice on the best degree or university for each individual.


British BioMedicine Institute is part of a leading international network of quality, innovative institutions of higher education comprised of nearly 70 universities across 23 countries which gives you the opportunity to leverage our community of over 100,000 students around the world – including more than 10,000 online students.


  • Integrity in the pursuit of knowledge
  • Employability through industry-recognised learning
  • A reflexive, globally-focused curriculum
  • Access to an international network of facilities and connections
  • Proactive engagement with industry globally
  • Collaboration, teamwork and partnership
  • Learning flexibility at every point
  • Intercultural understanding and respect
  • Intellectual and personal welfare of all staff and students