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Top 07 Paramedical Courses after 12th Class

The paramedical course after 12th class is one best medical training courses for those who want to make their career in the medical field in less time and with a nominal fee. Through this course medical students get the necessary knowledge to develop skills for medical surgery, assistance, diagnostic, etc.

Paramedics which includes professionals like nurses, pharmacologists, therapists, and physicians are the allied health forces that assist a doctor right from taking blood samples to suturing wounds to running lab tests.

Medical Students who want to select short-term courses can go for a Diploma course with a minimum of 1 year. Students who want a degree can go for a bachelor’s degree with the duration of 3 years, a Master’s degree with 2 years and a PhD with 3-4 years.

Medical Students can get admission to paramedical courses by having eligibility to pass 12th Class or a diploma course with significant subjects as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics with a minimum of 50 percent overall. You can also take such courses after having completed a diploma after the 12th Class.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

BPT is a four-year undergraduate professional course that deals with the science of physical movement and channelising it to prevent disability and diseases of movement. Physiotherapy or physical therapy is an allied health profession that helps people increase maintain or restore their physical mobility, function, and strength. This science makes use of electrotherapy evidence-based kinesiology exercise prescription and shockwave mobility to treat chronic conditions of the bones and soft tissues.      

B.Sc Ophthalmic Technology  

BOT is a programme which aims to produce professionally competent optometrist serving as primary eye care health practitioners. This programme helps the students to get theoretical and practical knowledge in ophthalmic technology. The duty of ophthalmic technician is to provide better eye care facilities to the patient in a clinic. These professionals use advanced eye care equipment in patient care and treatment. Also, these practitioners assist ophthalmologists in eye surgeries.

B.Sc in Operation Theatre Technology

An Operation Theatre Technologist helps the surgeon amid the surgical operations and looks after the drugs required for surgery drapes, anaesthetic gases, linen and their sterilization. The aim, of the program is to teach and train candidates in Operation Theatre Technology and the management of Operation Theatre along with handling a wide range of operating instruments including electronic and advanced equipment used in modern Operation Theatres.

B.Sc in Dialysis Therapy

BDT has been designed to offer eligible candidates a specialization in a wide range of application and technologies involved in the process of dialysis. The course focuses on the treatment of various diseases related to kidney and perform dialysis on patients suffering from kidney failure and require treatment for removing excess waste and fluids from their blood.

B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology

BMLT is a program that comes under Paramedical courses and it utilizes diagnosis techniques and treatment through, laboratory equipment. The students are provided knowledge about laboratory equipment and chemistry, haematology, pathology, parasitology, biochemistry, microbiology, histopathology, cytology, etc. This program provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge of, operating modern instrumentation, doing correct medical, laboratory tests, and finally working as Lab Technicians.

B.Sc in Radiation and Imaging Technology

The Medical Radiology and Imaging Technologists are certified technologists who capture images of organs, bone, and tissue for patient, diagnosis. Technologist is equipped with technological Skills to handle imaging equipment and interpersonal skills necessary for patient care. In addition to X-ray, a radiographer also considers CT scans & MRI scan for producing radiography. Radiology field is broadly divided into two areas namely diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology.

B.Sc in Cardiac Care Technology

Cardiac care technicians assist physicians during invasive cardiovascular testing, where a tube is inserted into one of the blood vessels that carry blood into the heart. Once doctors insert the catheter technicians monitor patients’ heart rates and blood pressure looking for any signs of trouble or distress.

At British BioMedicine Institute, we provide you with the new-age learning experience through future-ready classrooms and fully automated content delivery. We make learning sessions fun and classrooms more engaging for our medical students.

At British BioMedicine Institute, we train our students in the employable skills that give a head start to their professional career. We provide exposure to our medical students on the latest technology and machinery through our exclusive partnerships with global organisations.

A medical student gets the best of both worlds at British BioMedicine Institute. Along with the theoretical, knowledge we also provide 5 to 6 months of practical training with renowned hospitals to make the student job-ready with the skill-set to handle real-life professional situations.

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