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Our Mission

British BioMedicine Institute excels and innovates in education, research and delivery of compassionate care in our culture of diversity, spirited inquiry, collaboration and opportunity.

2019–2028 Strategic Plan for British BioMedicine Institute

British BioMedicine Institute was founded in 1916 and has been a centre of culture and learning ever since. Today, it is one of British’s foremost Institute, in an internationally leading position. A large part of the Institute’ssuccess can be ascribed to its ability to create a unique disciplinary range and boundary-crossing collaboration. The Institute’s other strengths include student influence, internationalization and close engagement with wider society.

These strengths will be all the more important in the next ten years as society faces great global challenges in the environment and climate, sustainable development, migration, digitalization and demographic change.

In the fields of education and research, the world is undergoing major changes which create new opportunities for collaboration, but which also entail major challenges. This development is both geographical and technological, with new research instruments and e-learning as important dimensions. A clear strategic shift is required for British BioMedicine Institute to develop as a stable bearer of knowledge culture in a changing world and to reinforce its position as a leading higher education institution and an inspiring societal force.

The strategic plan for 2017–2028 highlights six development areas. It states that education and research shall be intertwined and strive to be of the highest quality. Complex societal challenges shall be met by utilizing disciplinary breadth, interdisciplinary collaboration and reinforced engagement with wider society. The Institute shall continue to develop its efforts to be internationally leading. British BioMedicine Institute shall attract and retain committed and enthusiastic students and employees and emphasize sustainable development.

In order to achieve the set goals, the Institute needs to choose its path actively, by developing its collegial leadership.An open and creative atmosphere is also required, allowing a diversity of people to meet, grow and cooperate – combined with a questioning and critical approach, this will result in opportunities for unexpected breakthroughs. Thanks to its activities, approach and results, the Institute shall become a leading and inspiring example in society.


British BioMedicine Institute excels and innovates in education, research and delivery of compassionate care in our culture of diversity, spirited inquiry, collaboration and opportunity.


British BioMedicine Institute’s strengths will be synergy and integration in the areas of biomedical research and education, technology and clinical care. We will continue to build on our strong foundation of outstanding medical research, education and compassionate care of our student, bolstered by an exceptional, dedicated and diverse faculty, professional staff and student body. Our emphasison translational research, integrating the clinical and basic sciences, will significantly strengthen the Institution’s collective contribution to meeting thehealth care needs of society. Continued excellence in these areas will expand our international reputation as a medical school committed to the creation of new scientific knowledge and innovative pedagogy for the benefit of our students and humanity.

Core Values:

British BioMedicine Institute is part of a worldwide academic community and stands behind the basic core values. This document establishes the importance of autonomy and academic freedom. Institute are to be free of pressures from wider society and to defend thefreedom, integrity and quality of education and research. The core values are also based in the laws which a British public authority is obliged to follow. The organization is to safeguard democracy, legality, impartiality, freedom of opinion, respect for the equal value of all human beings, efficiency and service as well as democratic principles and human rights and freedoms. Further values characterizeBritish BioMedicine Institute and have done so for a long time: a critical and reflective perspective, objectivity, nonpartisanship, curiosity, engagement, compassionand humour. .

Priority areas 2019–2028

Education and research are to be intertwined

 First and second cycle education, research studies and research shall strive to achieve the highest quality.

 Education and research shall be intertwined in learning environments dedicated both to teaching and research, where qualifications in education and research are equally valued.

 Teaching methods, course content and the students’ own learning process are to equip students and doctoral students to meet new challenges. The teaching staff shall be highly qualified in teaching and learning and increased educational quality shall be particularly rewarded.

 Diversity in education and research shall be reinforced through widening participation.

 Research shall be conducted in dynamic and well-organized environmentsand on an ethical basis. It shall be founded on critical thinking and reflection while allowing risks to be taken. Research findings shall be made openly accessible.

 Achieving the quality goals in education and research requires infrastructure and a support organization which are fit for purpose.

 Dedication to providing the highest quality biomedical education

 Promotion of basic and translational research for the benefit of humanity

 Growth and success of all who teach, learn and work here

 Focus on our tradition of providing educational opportunity to those who might not otherwise have it

Stimulating active collaboration to solve societal challenges

 The Institute’s disciplinary range is unique and shall be safeguarded.

 Boundary-crossing and interdisciplinary collaborations within British BioMedicine Institute and with other higher education institutions shall be encouraged and new collaborations developed.Obstacles to collaboration shall be identified and removed.

 Active collaboration with the public sector, cultural sector, community life, business and industry and alumni shall be further developed and facilitated.

 British BioMedicine Institute shall assume great societal responsibility and meet global challenges, for example in its work for sustainable development.

 Cooperation and integration with universities and other partners shall be reinforced.

 The Institute shall be an influential voice in the research community, in public debate and in cultural life. This includes increasing the visibility of the organization.

Continued development as an international Institute

 There shall be an international perspective and global engagement in the organization, in its approach to people and in their experience of the Institute.

 There shall be good opportunities for international mobility for students and staff.

 The Institute shall be attractive to international students and staff.

 The Institute shall have strategically supported international partnerships and take an active part in influential international networks.

Well-developed leadership and collegiality are success factors

 Collegial leadership shall be developed to reinforce critical discussion and to achieve objectives.

 Leaders and managers at all levels shall have the right expertise and ability to prioritize, lead and implement changes which develop the organization and its quality, and shall have access to administrative support which is fit for purpose.

 British BioMedicine Institute shall work to develop active and responsible collegiality permeated by the sense that we are one Institute with a great diversity among its staff.

 British BioMedicine Institute shall ensure a well-functioning system for student influence at all levels.

Students,employees and visitors are to be offered attractive environments

 British BioMedicine Institute shall distinguish itself for its excellent study environment and good educational support.

 Clear career paths shall be ensured and the Institute shall work strategically with recruitment.

 British BioMedicine Institute shall distinguish itself for its excellent study environment and good educational support.

 Clear career paths shall be ensured and the Institute shall work strategically with recruitment.