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The Institute strives to implement this mission with the highest professional and ethical standards, in a culture of diversity and inclusiveness, and in an environment that enables each individual to develop to his or her full potential.British BioMedicine Institute’s core values — innovation, collaboration, accountability, respect and excellence — are the roadmap to our mission and vision.

• We value students as unique individuals seeking quality health sciences education through our service and support;

• We value being progressive, knowledgeable, adaptable, original, and academically sound in our academic programs;

• We value the substantive quality of our curricula through emphasis upon academic excellence;

• We value progress achieved by the development of new knowledge and its importance to chiropractic medicine and other complementary healing arts and sciences;

• We value quality training and practice in the clinical skills of all relevant programs with particular emphasis upon the physician/patient relationship within the first professional programs;

• We value complementary and alternative care for its emphasis upon holism and use of the least invasive therapeutic procedures necessary for optimizing human health;

• We value collegiality and cooperation among all members of the Institution community, the related professions, other health care systems, and the community;


The mission of British BioMedicine Instituteis to provide and promote the necessary leadership, management, and resources for the advancement of education, new knowledge, cultural diversity, outreach, and the ethical practice of the healing arts and sciences as taught within the programs of this Institute.Our programs are solidly based in multi-disciplinary experiences formed by active collaboration of faculty from within the college and community partners.

Summary of Goals and Strategic Objectives

To earn International recognition for excellence in Post graduate and Undergraduate Health Professions education, research and clinical services.BBMInstitutehas developed a strategic plan that will allow us to adapt to an evolving health care landscape and continue to prepare students to become tomorrow’s health care leaders. The British BioMedicine Institute (BBMInstitute) will develop a research program that achieves the following goals: .

 Provide evidence for best practice in healthcare and education.

 Develop collaborative research projects with other professions and/or community agencies.

 Attain funding from external sources.

 Enhance the reputation of the programs and faculty through peer-reviewed publications and presentations.

 Ensure that our learners have opportunities to engage in high-quality Research.

 Provide and enhance an outstanding clinical and educational experience in a positive learning environment for residents and fellows in their chosen field of medicine.

 Provide and enhance an outstanding clinical and educational experience, opportunities for lifelong learning, career advising, and a positive learning environment for students.

 Engage with industry partners to pursue innovative entrepreneurial opportunities.

 Increase the scope and mission of education and research in simulation

British BioMedicine Institute Student Learning Objectives

Graduates of BBMInstitutewill be able to do the following upon completion of their studies:

 Demonstrate critical inquiry and reasoning required by their respective professional disciplines

 Communicate in an effective and respectful manner in the practice of their profession

 Demonstrate scholarship and understanding of research principles

 Integrate ethical principles in professional activities

 Collaborate within interprofessional teams by practicing leadership

 Integrate information technology to improve health outcomes

 Demonstrate the ability to work effectively in a diverse and global society.