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Get Ready For A Unique And Exciting Career Designing New And Better Ways To Feed The World.

Advance Your Career In The Management of Food Systems

It’s also particularly suitable if you’re seeking career enhancement by studying food science and biotechnology at master’s level.

This innovative and topical programme is ideal for graduates new to this dynamic and exciting sector.

Through the integration of scientific, technological and managerial aspects, you will learn how to use and manage food resources more efficiently in order to achieve sustainable, secure and safe food supply chains across the globe.

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Food scientists integrate and apply fundamental knowledge from multiple disciplines to ensure a safe, nutritious, sustainable and high quality food supply, and to establish scientifically sound principles that guide policy and regulations pertaining to food on a global scale.

Carry Out In-Depth Qualitative And Quantitative Research!

Skilled Post Graduate (Food Science & Technology) NanoDegree programme provides in-depth knowledge of the scientific foundations of the disciplines in engineering and the natural sciences that constitute the field of food technology. It produces professional with intellectual integrity, ethics of research and laced with professional practices and responsibilities to contribute positively in the global food industry scenario.

The Program structure of the course gives you the essential knowledge and skills for your future career. You can choose to emphasize laboratory-based subjects such as food microbiology and food analysis or areas such as quality assurance or food production and development including sensory analysis.

The course develops your knowledge of food manufacturing and processing, analysis and testing packaging, storage, distribution, legal aspects, sustainability and food security.

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Broaden Knowledge Of Food Science Focusing On Chemistry And Biology.

Why Choose BSFST?

The programme will be of particular interest to graduates with an interest in developing knowledge and skills in subjects such as food biotechnology, food safety management and analytical techniques currently used in the food industry.

You will develop the ability to apply fundamental scientific concepts to understand and manipulate the complex characteristics of foods. The course will also allow you to challenge current issues in food production and issues arising from Food Safety.

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Admission Open 2022-2023
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