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Bachelor of Vocational Courses or B.VoC in ParaMedical Subjects, Degree, Admissions and their Scope.

Bachelor of Vocational Education or  B.Voc In Paramedical and Health Care is a 3-year degree course in which the students get the knowledge about the health related such as good and bad bacteria, virus, medicines, diseases and other things.

The Paramedical medical health workers are associated with medical signs whose work is to look after and treat patients within the hospital. Also, in the case of an emergency, the paramedical team is needed for medical assistance and people screening.

B.VoC In Radiology and Imaging Technology

It enables the students to reach their goal of pursuing a career in the field of radiology and imaging technology by understanding within the radiology setting. You will gain knowledge on the underlying scaffolds of imaging and principles of radiology and the effects of this area in the medical sector.

B.VoC in Patient Care Management

The course envisages building an overall expertise in the student, of managing patients with care, whether it’s an in-patient or someone in the OPD or anywhere else in the hospital. These students are be capable of offering a range of services from paediatric care to geriatric care to cardiac care or care of cancer patients. Besides, skills related to personal care of patients, basic nursing procedures, patient ambulation and handling, store keeping, biomedical waste disposal, etc.

B.VoC in Operation Theatre Technology

An Operation Theatre Technologist also helps the surgeon amid the surgical operations and looks after the drugs required for surgery, drapes, anesthetic gases, linen and their sterilization.

The aim of the program is to teach and train candidates in operation theatre technology and the management of operation theatre along with handling a wide range of operating instruments including electronic and advanced equipment used in modern operation theatres.

B.VoC in Medical Record Management

A student will learn how to effectively collect and store the entire medical record of a patient inside a hospital. It also helps in the effective caring of the patient’s stay in the hospital and the effective management of the hospital. A medical records technician is an administrative job which involves the task such as record keeping in medical offices and hospitals. The person keeps patients record updated and compiles with health care coding system and standards.

B.VoC in Hospital Management

Hospital Management deals with all activities related to the health service. With the growth of healthcare industry, there are various job opportunities available for Hospital Managers in India and abroad.

Hospital Management course is suitable for those who have an interest in administration, management and maintenance of an organization. A Hospital administrator is overall in charge of administrative affairs of the hospital. He takes over the charge of various aspects of health administration and hospital administration with respect to patients and healthcare.

B. VoC In Cardiac Care Technology

Cardiac care technician assists physicians for heart surgeries. cardiac technician work in a variety of setting including coronary care unit (CCU), special care of patients with heart attack, unstable angina and other cardiac conditions that require continuous monitoring and treatment. The job of a technician is to perform tasks that require less medical training before and during the procedure so doctors can focus on the results of the test.

B.VoC Nutrition and Dietetics

Dietitians are health professionals specialized in human nutrition, meal planning, economics, and preparation. The academic program mainly focuses on disseminating ideas regarding how the food (nutrients) serve a major role in combating health issues, as well as makes the students fit for executing a diet for a particular ailment and also enable him/her to engage in nutritional intervention programmes at community level.

B.VoC Dialysis Technology

The three-year graduate program provide students with the opportunity to study the principles of Dialysis, basic medical science of the kidney, fluid and electrolyte balance, hematologic aspects, infectious diseases, dialysis systems and equipment, vascular access to circulation, blood chemistry, complications of renal failure, psycho-social aspects and an overview of peritoneal dialysis and renal transplantation. As the number of renal patients’ increases, there is huge demand for dialysis technicians to practical implication and theoretical awareness.

B.VoC Food Technology

India is almost near to the population of 1.35 billion people and obviously we need to feed this immense number of people. Food science and technology is thus a growing field of study with ample opportunities. Inorder to satisfy the huge population, the food producers had to address the environmental concerns, economic instabilities while creating effective food processes techniques.

B.VoC Optometry

Optometrists are specially trained to meet the needs of people with the basic eye and vision care. Particularly designed to examine the visual organs, provide health care by rectifying their impairments and barriers of sight. Successful graduates of the course get employment across both private and government sectors, in areas such as eye clinics, optician showrooms, contact lens and ophthalmic lens industry, hospital eye department, optical shops etc.

B.VoC Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical technology is in a high summit all around the globe with ample opportunities. It is the root and stem of the entire health care management. In order to address the problems, the medical field employees should be fully fledged with trained medical knowledge and practice.

For B.Voc Paramedical and Health Care, admission are provided on the basis of entrance exams and can be merit basis. After the completion of which, the candidates will have scope in various government and private organizations along with a handsome salary package

To pursue B.Voc in Paramedical And Health Care at British BioMedicine Institute, the candidate should follow the following eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates must have qualified his/ her 12th with a recognized Indian board.
  • Students should have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) in 12th board examination.
  • Candidates must have secured a minimum of 50% in their 12th board examination.

The course curriculum of BVoC is industry-based which contains about 40% general medical education (theory) and 60% vocational training (practical) components at Govt/Private Hospital. This means that apart from studying the regular curriculum, all students need to undergo hospital training or project work for at least four to eight weeks in every semester.

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Today, the demand for skilled paramedical professionals is not only in India but also in countries like the USA, Canada, UK and UAE. In the recent wake of COVID-19 global pandemic, it has become quite evident that we are living in times of grave healthcare deficiency. Therefore, it is really necessary to highlight the medical sector. Paramedic professionals are among some of the forefront runners serving the hospitals, clinics, laboratories and carrying out the Coronavirus tests.

In today’s time, there is a lot of demand for paramedical courses. So, there is no doubt about the career. There is a huge demand for Paramedical Staff. So, no candidates have to wander for jobs. For this reason, the trend of students towards Paramedical Courses has also increased.

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