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Alumni Network

We support and provide ways for our alumni and friends to get involved in the life of the BBMI. We also work to ensure that every member of our global community can access our world-class services and facilities.

Our programme of events brings our alumni together to celebrate, debate and collaborate, while our international network of local groups allows alumni to reconnect and find new friends in their region. It lets you stay in touch with your classmates and gives you professional opportunities.

What our students say

“International and inter-cultural competencies are becoming essential in our globally linked world, and studying and living in the emerging power of the current globe is one of the best ways of acquiring those, and of thus launching your career full of ongoing challenges and impact.”

Jacquelyn Richards


“This program has positively transformed me as a student. It has also transformed me as an individual and reinforced my sense of purpose in peace work and education, and my belief that we all have a responsibility and a daily role to play in building safer, more just, progressive, and humane communities.”

Kaitlyn Bennett



Thank you very much for your support. I would not have the same access to an amazing education that provides great opportunities for learning and growth if it were not for your generosity.

Stephanie Hewett


Overall, my experience on the MPH has transformed me. The program has helped me acquire solid technical skills while also teaching me to combine the ‘theoretical’ with the ‘practical’, all of which I have applied directly in my work. I recommend this programme wholeheartedly.

Margaret Baker


Throughout my time at British BioMedicine Institute, I have felt constant support and dedication from the faculty and staff. The BBMInstitute has undoubtedly helped prepare me to reach both my academic and professional goals.

Nicole Finnegan


Thanks to the MPH, I have a much deeper understanding of evidence-based medicine and what goes on behind the scenes in the formulation of clinical practice and other guidelines. Secondly, I no longer hold the notion that the noncommunicable disease (NCD) epidemic is due to random bad individual choices; the social determinants of health and the role of the environment in health related decisions are concepts that are now ingrained in my thinking, and which I keep in mind when interacting with patients.

Jane Hart

The MPH at the British BioMedicine Institute has been a great experience. I would highly recommend the programme to everybody interested in practice-oriented modules and high flexibility for arranging studies and professional life.  The support from tutors and peers facilitated by a user-friendly online platform is excellent.

Laura Driessen


I was surprised by the quality of student-Mentor relationships at BBMI. The Mentor here are always willing to help and accessible, and I could feel the open-door policy being executed to its fullest. Most of all, I definitely learned a lot from my Mentor, who are true professionals of their field. I would like to congratulate everyone who got into the program and encourage those who are still hesitant.

Liza Costello



The Nanodegree’s programme in Clinical Child Psychology has a lot to offer if you really go for it. I hope it will bring you as much growth, joy, and knowledge as it brought me.”

Ruth Clifford


After Finishing Medicine, I decided to move into a career that would have an impact at the population level. BBMI Public Health Management NanoDegree demanded that we think about how theoretical concepts could be applied in the workplace. The exchange of ideas between researchers, practitioners and students working in different field across the health sector was a transformative experience for me – one that I’m certain will bring positive impacts to my career.’

Joseph George


Studying at BBMI was empowering for me and enabled professional and personal growth. The course provided a very comprehensive base of study that improved my knowledge, skills, and attitudes in public health.

Jeremy Collette


“I have no doubt the knowledge acquired during my studies will build the foundation for my future career in Clinical Research and will open doors for even more learning opportunities.”

Nicole Graham